Agricultural Production Company And Farming

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of a state. The sector of Pakistani agriculture is contributing largely to the economy which is about 19 percent of the GDP. On the other hand, 42.3 percent of the labor force is associated with agriculture and it is the main source of foreign exchange; modern agricultural productions are exported to other countries.

According to research, during 2017-2018 the agriculture sector came up with a historical growth of 3.81 percent whereas the previous year’s growth was 2.07. In this period, the performance of crops productions was outstanding, i.e. 3.83 percent growth was shown.

A recent study shows that during 2020-21 the growth of the agriculture sector remained promising at 2.77 percent. Record growth in crops such as wheat, rice, maize, cotton, and sugarcane witnessed was 4.65 percent. This scenario depicts an encouraging picture of agro-farming and agricultural production. The agriculture sector of Pakistan is comprised of four subsectors which are: food and fiber crops, horticulture and orchards, livestock and dairy, fisheries, and forestry. Cotton, rice, fruits, wheat, vegetables, etc are the main major agricultural crops. We have seen growth in all these subsectors and crops. Pakistan has left behind many developed and developing nations in the agriculture and farming sector.


Like other agricultural states, the agriculture sector is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and it hugely contributes to the struggling economy of the state. Productions of crops and agricultural products are not only utilized for domestic consumption but exported to other counties to earn foreign exchange. Agro-farming has become the trademark of Pakistan.

Ghani Agro Farms is providing the best crops and agricultural productions. The evolving and outgrowing company has earned name and fame, nationally and internationally. The team of agricultural experts utilizes the new techniques and methods of modern agriculture. The company of Agro Farming is further discussed below.

Ghani Agro and Agricultural Farms

Ghani Group has a vision to directly support the population by providing healthy and standardized food. On the other hand, the group is on a mission to explore the natural resources of Pakistan and make the best use of them by presenting them to the general masses. In this way, not only poverty can be eliminated but the economy also is boosted. Alhamdulillah, we have succeeded in our goal-setting and drawing nearer to achieving our targets. The purpose of establishing Ghani Agro Farming is to contribute to Pakistan’s economy and raise the living standard of our countrymen.

Ghani Agro Farms of Ghani Group aims to become one of the largest agriculture producers. as they have vast land on khushab which has laid down the foundation of modern agriculture. The experts in agriculture and agro farms are striving to modernize the farming sector. The up-to-date and latest technology is being utilized for agricultural production. Agricultural farms are yielding more crops and the productivity of these productions has multiplied. The company is destined to succeed and make our agriculture an example for other nations.

Ghani Agro Farming is one of those nine companies of the Ghani Group which is gearing up to turn the dream into reality. The company is on a mission to make Pakistan and its people proud in the eyes of other nations by exploring and extracting natural resources. By the grace of Allah Almighty, our journey is nonstop, and embracing one success after another. The group strongly believes in quality-based services; thus the principle-centric approach is paying back tremendously. Here dreams come true.

Goals And Mission Of Ghani Agro Farms

Ghani Agro Farming has set foot on a mission to make Pakistan green and provide its people with healthy nutrition. We are glorifying nature and utilizing its resources without destroying it and interfering in the natural process. Pakistan has been embodied with everything and it is up to us to get maximum benefits from it. Ghani Agro farms are determined to explore and utilize their resources.

These goals would be achieved only if advanced and latest agricultural practices are carried out. Agro Farms has agricultural experts and brings scientific techniques into play. The building blocks of modern agriculture are founded on technology and agricultural experts.

Secondly, the living standard of people can only be raised if sustainable and efficient agricultural production takes place. Sustainability is key to modern agriculture. Agro Farms is hopeful that our long-term planning will be paying off and that we will go toward sustainable growth.

Thirdly, like other companies of the Ghani Group, Agro farming has a global and worldwide agenda. The Ghani Agro Farms will be contributing to the world population and will provide the service to other countries. The ever-expanding network of Ghani Group will bring into its fold every citizen of the world. These are our goals and missions. Inshallah, we will succeed in achieving all these goals and missions.

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