Food Manufacturing Company For Animal Feed, Poultry Feed, Cattle Feed

Ghani Halal Feed Mill (GHFM) is a venture of poultry and livestock/cattle feed that started commercial operations in 2016. GHFM is the stepping stone for entry and expansion into the processed food processing industry. The future plan is the expansion into a fully integrated value chain of food processing giving it control and assurance about the quality of the food being produced. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, not only the Company’s financial structure but also its operations are fully shariah-compliant.
The state-of-the-art plant with a capacity of 20MT/hour, further extendable to 40MT/hour, is based on the technology of Buhler, a world-renowned Swiss specialist company in processing foods. The plant, which is the first of its kind, allows the production of quality poultry feed, and cattle feed with lower wastage and uniform pallets besides being mostly automated and significantly more efficient.
The plant is located in the M-3 Industrial City of Faisalabad which besides being a major hub of industrial activities in the country. This location in M-3 Industrial City gives it swift access to markets across Pakistan. The Industrial City is the largest industrial zone in Pakistan with the highest supporting infrastructure and utilities. Moreover, The industrial estate is guaranteed uninterrupted power supply, gas, and other utilities which gives the edge to GHFM over the other feed manufacturer

It is interesting to note that 56.3% of agriculture in Pakistan is made up of livestock; thus about 11 percent of agricultural gross domestic income is contributed. Milk, meat, chicken, and eggs are hugely eaten and considered the most important items in Pakistan. These products of animals and poultry have become a part of our daily dishes.

Let us cast a glance at Ghani Halal Feed Mills (Private) Limited and know about the company and its products.

Ghani Halal Feed Mill And Its Salient Features

The journey of Ghani Halal Feed Mill, which is associated with livestock and poultry, began in 2016. It has achieved the set goals in these six years and has earned name and fame in the manufacturing and processing animal food industry. We have achieved more than what we had planned by the grace of Almighty Allah. The company has outgrown and competed with other companies of the Ghani Group, which means we have no rival outside our circle.

The food manufacturing company is in line with all food standards, nationally and internationally. We have a clear framework and defined goals and purposes. Our mission is that we will serve the feeds for animals and poultry which no other organization or group can deliver. Animal feeds such as pasture grasses, hay, crops, cereal grains, etc which Ghani Halal Feed Mill is offering, have been grown for animals that are high in energy and proteins. These items are prepared by animal and poultry food experts and professionals.

Similarly, processed chicken feeds in the form of organic chicken feed, poultry, and animal feeds are the main products of the Ghani Halal Feed Mill Company. The plant of our company has no parallels in the manufacturing and processing of cow and cattle feed, chicken and poultry feed, etc. It is more productive and benefitting and has the lowest wastage ratio where output is comparable with the input.

Ghani Halal Feed Mill (Private) Limited is not only manufacturing feeds of livestock (cow, buffalo, horses, donkeys, sheep, etc) and poultry (domestic fowl, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese) but it is also a food supplier. We are high-rated Wanda and poultry feed suppliers in the animal feed industry. The company supplies cow feed, cattle feed, broiler chicken feed, layer feed, chick starter feed, fish meal/feed, and animal and poultry feed. The ingredients included in this list are according to the standards of food and the company’s principle-centered approach of not compromising on quality has led it to earn the trust of its customers. It is the greatest award that is desired the most.

Qualities And Benefits Of Ghani Halal Feed Products

The feeds for animals have been processed and manufactured with different ingredients. They are highly nutritious and abundant. Ghani Halal Feed Mill provides the best cattle feed for weight gain. It is considered a High Protein cattle feed company. Apart, the feed for cattle, sheep, chicken, and cows is naturally manufactured, keeping in view all health standards and it has no negative or side effects. Poultry and animal feeds of Ghani Halal Feed Mill are based on scientific methods; technology is used for manufacturing purposes. It is often recommended that livestock and poultry should rely on technology to advance in their respective fields. Ghani Group of Companies is included among those companies which have already been getting benefits from the technology and its approach is totally scientific. Animal and poultry feeds are the new technology and follow all standards of health.

What Are The Goals Of Ghani Halal Feed Mills?

Ghani Halal Feed Mills has clear and well-defined goals before it. We have clearly stated it as:
“Our goal is to become the state-of-the-art unit for poultry/cattle feed and allied product manufacturing in Pakistan.”

Monopoly is considered a desirable thing if it is done legally and all codes of ethics are considered. Like other companies of the Ghani Group, Halal Feed Mills is making itself an autonomous body by acting as a virtual monopoly of animal and poultry feeds. The company is optimistic and strongly believes in its leadership and teamwork. We are destined to succeed and make our name in the field of animal and poultry feeds.
Ghani Halal Feed Mill has earned a big reputation and status among feed-supplying industries and companies. We have covered many milestones and the journey is going on without any pause.

Head Office


45 Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town, Lahore – Pakistan

Site Office


Plot#59-1A, M-3 Industrial Estate, Sahianwala,District Faisalabad-Pakistan