Company Profile

Ghani Layer Farms (Private) Limited and another venture for the Group a with the state-of-the-art layer poultry farming plant imported from Italy for egg production. It is the stepping stone for Group’s vertical integration/expansion in the poultry and food farming sector.

It is part of the Group’s strategy to envisage expansion into a fully integrated value chain of food processing giving it control and assurance about the quality of the food being produced. Ghani Group also ensures its adherence to food safety practices through its group companies.

Our Location

The farm is situated at Tehsil Chak Jhumra, District Faisalabad, and has easy access with Group owns Company like Ghani Halal Feed Mill which gives it an uninterrupted supply of feed.

Our Goal

To become a successful business model for the world showcasing how Shariah compliant-practices can achieve sustainable welfare for all stakeholders.

Our Plant

The Italian Technology Plant was imported from one of the leading brands in the poultry industry all over the world “FACCO”. They are pioneers of the first modern poultry equipment in the world.
The Plant is fully automatic, including feeding/cleaning/collection/packing, etc. without human involvement, embodying with the most advanced research and results of a perfect balance between animal welfare and the most efficient management of the system. It combines advanced technical solutions, to optimize space, making supervision and maintenance at their best.
The system of production, storing, and packing is highly efficient and effective resulting in minimum wastage or loss.

Our Edge Over Other Egg Manufacturers

Uninterrupted supply of quality feed from its Group Company Ghani Halal Feed Mill (GHFM), which is also located in Faisalabad, has fully automatic plant with the feed production capacity of 40 MT/hour. The Plant GHFM is based on state-of-the-art technology of Buhler, a world renowned Swiss specialist company for processing foods.
- Feed Manufacturing facility in the same city ultimately results in a negligible cost of transportation of Feed which will facilitate the sales team to quote low prices.
Both Feed (Ghani Halal Feed Mill) and Egg (Ghani Farms) manufacturing plants allow the production of quality feed/eggs efficiently with lower wastage which ultimately results in low pricing for the customers.
Overall the Group has strong credibility in the market and is well-versed in the finances for future expansion.
The Group has already had a strong presence in the local market through its Group Companies operating in different sectors.
As managing diversified business areas, it has already developed a complete infrastructure of managing teams to manage businesses of different sectors successfully.

Our Products

– Healthy / Fresh Farm Eggs (Single Yolk, Double Yolk, Omega Egg)

Head office


45 Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town, Lahore – Pakistan

Farm Address

Ghani Farms

Ghani Farms (Pvt) Ltd, Sahianwala Interchange, Chak 17 JB Balamabad, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan