Pink Himalayan Salt

Pakistan is a land of tremendous natural and mineral resources. It is the blessing of Almighty God that we are enriched with those resources which are rarely found in other parts of the world. The list of natural resources that Pakistan possesses includes salt, copper, marble, limestone, gypsum, dolomite, sand, gravel, coal, natural gas, crude petroleum, and mines of salt (Himalayan salt, Pink salt, rock salt). The list of Pakistani natural resources goes on and on. In 2016, the production of rock salt in Pakistan increased by 16 percent. Himalayan salt is a superior salt that is mined to meet domestic needs and exported to different countries.

Khewra Salt Mines are the oldest salt mines in Indo-Pak history which are located at the foothills of the salt range. These mines are situated in the Jhelum District of the Punjab region. The salt is found in an irregular shape. It is made edible, shapeable, and exportable through refinery works. It is worth noting that in these mines, the rock salt is 99 percent pure and utilized for edible and exportable purposes.

Pink Himalayan Salt is one of the most precious salts which is extracted from the salt range in Jhelum, Punjab. This salt has some unique features and is considered a highly valued salt. It is famous for its various uses which are included cooking, treatments, lamps, decoration, and so on. Pink Himalayan salt has the same qualities and is tried for various functions. The popularity of Himalayan Pink and rock salt is widely spread and not only in Pakistan the salt is popular but in foreign countries, particularly in the USA, it has gained value and recognition. Its distinguished and superior merit is evident from the fact that Pakistan had decided to register Himalayan pink salt as Geographical Indications to avoid its unauthorized usage by other nations.

Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited is associated with Ghani Mines (Private) Limited which is further categorized as Pink Himalayan salt and rock salt. The company is not only the biggest producer of industrial salt but is the largest Pink Himalayan salt exporter company in Pakistan.

Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited Company And Its Products

Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited has progressed very rapidly and has got a distinct and significant status among other companies. Ghani Group has established ten major companies which have been assigned different functions. Every company has its solid role and associations. These companies were launched to spread the network of the Ghani Group and save a quality-based, well-trusted, and customer-centric stature in Pakistan and abroad. By the grace of Allah, Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited company is one of these ten companies which has secured a glorious position and achieved its goals successfully. The company has proven itself the best salt mining company in Pakistan.

Pink Himalayan salt is chemically identical to table salt. The salt has 98% sodium chloride and the remaining 2% is covered by minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. All these minerals have tremendous health benefits. The pink Himalayan salt is also used as table salt and termed as a bath salt as well.

Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited deals with exportable, edible, and shape-able salt and is also deemed the biggest salt producer company. The purpose of rock salt mining is to extract Pink and Rock salt for eating and exporting goals and they are given shapes uniquely and incredibly. Himalayan salt has the best quality of rock salt which has huge benefits. The  Pink Himalayan salt posses minerals that are essential for health. The Salt also maintains the taste of foods like meat, chicken, vegetables, desserts, and so on. Both, rock and pink Himalayan salts are efficient and valuable.

The list of Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited products encompasses Piece Grade salt which has a huge size and is used for Salt craft, edible, and is also exported to foreign countries. Secondly, Grade Salt that has a small size serves the same purpose. Then comes the Kullar and Industrial Salt which have industrial uses. Edible Grade Salt is deemed as food-grade. The list also comprises Iodized Salt, Animal Lick Salt, Salt Crafting, and Salt lamps which are also called Rock Salt Tiles. All these salts are domestically utilized and the promising quality is exported to several countries.

Goals And Objectives Of Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited Company

Ghani Himalayan Salt (Private) Limited company is playing a vital role in utilizing natural resources and presenting them to the customer in the refined and purest form. It is a leading company that truly believes in trust-building and quality-based services. Alhamdulillah, today we have more than our planning and succeeded not only in trust-building but making the company a leading organization and autonomous body. The company has no counterpart and it is gaining more weight day by day. Like other companies of the Ghani Group, the mines company is going to be a leading, endurable and profitable Himalayan salt (rock salt and pink salt) producer.

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