Company Profile

The Ghani Refinery Company is associated with the refining and purifying the salt.
Salt is extracted from the mines in different forms, i.e one layer is given to the animals, the other is used by humans as edible salt. The activities of extracting salt from mines to refining are carried out by Ghani Refinery Company.
Nowadays, we are busy meeting the domestic and export needs of rock salt for both individual and industrial customers.

The Goals of Ghani Refinery

The main goal of Ghani Refinery is to become a leading, sustainable and efficient salt refining company in Pakistan and all over the globe.
It is our mission to achieve the target we have set for ourselves. We are determined to provide a healthy diet and utilize the natural resources of Pakistan.

Our Products

Our products include: Piece Grade Salt – huge sizes (for Salt Crafts, Edible and Export purposes)

    • A Grade Salt – small sizes (for Salt Crafts, Edible and Export purposes)
    • Khullar Salt (for Industrial purposes)
    • Industrial Salt (for Industrial purposes)
    • Edible Grade Salt (Food Grade)
    • Iodized Salt
    • Animal Lick Salt
    • Salt Crafting
    • Rock Salt Tiles / Salt Lamps

Head Office

45 Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town, Lahore – Pakistan