Group Profile

Founded in 1959, is one of the most prestigious corporate house of Pakistan owing to the diverse business ventures and undertakings exhibiting phenomenal growth and also serving as a beacon of Shariah Compliant Business practices and ethics for the industry.
The Group started with a distribution company involved in the distribution of fertilizers, cement, etc. In 1963 the first business venture of the Group was Ghani Corporation that was engaged in the mining of salt, Coal, and Silica sand. In the following years, multiple ventures around this mining business were conceived which give the Group the distinction of being probably the largest private mining corporation in Pakistan.

With the blessings of Almighty, the Group’s activities took off rapidly in the 1990s when it started diversifying in other industries. Resultantly success stories such as Ghani Glass, a household name for glass manufacturing, Ghani Automobiles, and Ghani Mines a symbol of excellence emerged. The establishing of Ghani Halal Feed Mill in 2015 based on the most modern European Technology is another testament of the Group’s continuous efforts to explore business opportunities in Pakistan.
The present day’s Ghani Group serves as a beacon of professional and ethical excellence demonstrating how businessmen can achieve worldly welfare within the boundaries defined by God Almighty.


“To become a successful business model for the world showcasing how Shariah compliant practices can achieve sustainable welfare for all stakeholders.”


“Our mission is to implement the will of God Almighty in all of our business dealings by consistently meeting our Customers’ expectation in all products and services that we offer; delivering a superior return on investment to our shareholders; collaborating and fairly dealing with our suppliers; providing a work environment conducive for creativity and fair compensation to our employees; and always contributing to the economic development of the country and social welfare of all communities we operate in.”